Hanglaatherium has introduced a very unique style of Biryani. The usage of white oil while preparing the biryani was perhaps a new idea to Kolkata in 2012.
The usual biryani available in and around Kolkata is normally made with Dalda. The concept was changed and later on, was accepted by the food lovers of Kolkata.

Biryani in Kolkata came with the last Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah. The khansamahs (private chefs) of the Nawab carried forward the rich tradition over the years. As time progressed, Biryani became the staple food for the people of Kolkata. Hanglaatherium wanted to make Biryani as regular food. That is the reason the concept of a light Biryani came.

Hanglaatherium Biryani is now considered one of the most popular in and around the city. Bloggers and content creators working on vlogs came to Hanglaatherium to make stories about Biryani. Hanglaatherium Biryani has also won multiple awards and recognition.