About Us

Hanglaatherium is about good food. But it is also more than that. Hanglaatherium is about the strong bond of
friendship formed over a plate of aromatic biryani.

It is about dreaming of luscious kababs
accompanied with tasty chutneys, in middle of an awfully busy day in office. Hanglaatherium is about first
confessions of love over a delicately spiced yet sinfully sweet to taste plate of Mutton Hanglaabari. Hanglaatherium is about
the good food lifestyle.

Subhalakshmi, the happy hanglaa. Her motto is simple: life is too short to brood; enjoy it. Her favourite question to fellow hanglaas: “when are we having our next party?” She feels Hanglaatherium gives the much needed balance to manage her corporate self and demanding homemaker’s job. When Sandipan irritates her enough, she drags him amidst mountains and forests to show how well behaved other animals are.

Subhalakshmi Sarkar

Piyali, the stickler hanglaa. When Piyali enters, order prevails at chaotic kitchens. When Piyali speaks, silence gags motor-mouth staffs. Managing Sunando and restaurant are not affairs for faint-hearted. Piyali does it with ease and iron-hand. Very popular among Hanglaatherium patrons with her most affable and warm demeanour, Piyali is the ‘boss’ of Hanglaatherium. This brave lady fears nothing in this earth except lizards.

Piyali Banerjee

Sunando, the crazy hanglaa. Pump and pack sheer madness into a six feet two inches’ frame with highest density possible – you get a Sunando. With lack of oxygen at that height, he takes it on to himself to fill the gap with his brilliant ideas, many to thrashed and trashed by himself in next hour. After hopelessly loosing substantial sum from his pocket to fictitious needy folks multiple times, he stopped carrying cash to contain further drainage. Sunando, an engineer by training, a corporate by profession, a cartoonist by passion, a foodie by heart.

Sunando Banerjee

Sandipan, the inquisitive hanglaa. On any random day, you can see this self-proclaimed ‘great chef’ murmuring recipes around Hanglaatherium kitchen in Brownian motion. Notwithstanding his PhD in Computer Science, it is a mystery, how he cannot figure out the most basic preparations. Fed up with his endless questions, he has been given the job of managing restaurant numbers and systems, which he accepted with a grumpy face. To make up this culinary set back, he is working on using artificial intelligence to cook up innovative Biryani recipes that would stun the world.

Sandipan Sarkar

Avijit, the zettabyte hanglaa. Well, we are yet to figure out whether the scale is at zetta level or at yotta level. But all we know, if you ask him how many biryanis are sold on a rainy Tuesday few years back, you will get a prompt and accurate answer. A railways man, who started his career pretty early in his life, took a voluntary retirement and devoted his time to Hanglaatherium. His favourite hobby is to have a peaceful smoke at fifteen thousand feet or above in Himalayas.


Anita, the positive hanglaa. The challenge with Anita is she cannot see any bad in this world. A ‘bandh’ in Calcutta? ‘Oh we shall have huge order tomorrow’. Wastage is high this month? ‘Uh boys will do better next month’. A teacher by profession. A mother by heart. She treats whole Hanglaatherium family as her kids, Avijit being the biggest. With her strong compassion and love she gives the much needed humane face to the business.


We Accept

Corporate Orders

For parties, ocassions, get-together or simple Adda sessions with your friends and family, call us to order now.