Hanglaatherium Biryani

A signature dish of Hanglaatherium. We have not really changed the age-old Kolkata Biryani however, we added extra love and care in it. We prepare the meat separately and topped it with long-grained rice. Saffron and the royal Indian Spices brings the desired color to the Biryani.
At Hanglaatherium, we follow the Awadhi Recipe and kept the tradition of “Calcutta Biryani” by adding a piece of potato in the serving.

Origin of Biryani

The origin of Biryani is a highly debatable topic. Indians are very sensitive about their own theories on the origin of Biryani. It is believed that the origin of the Biriyani is definitely Central Asia and from there it has extensively traveled to ultimately reach India. In India, Biryani is one of the most sold dishes across all the states.
Biriyani at Hanglaatherium is definitely the most sought after dish by our customers however, we never claimed it to be authentic. At Hanglaatherium, we have tried our best to document the Origin of Kolkata Biriyani and its Evolution.
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Hanglaatherium Biryani – A Journey!

In 2013, Hanglaatherium won the coveted “Biryani Ka Badsha” award through an online poll conducted by Radio Mirchi. That was the beginning of an amazing journey! Hanglaatherium kept on getting rave reviews by food connoisseurs of the city and beyond.
Top Food Bloggers have rated Hanglaatherium Biryani amongst the top 10 Biriyanis of the city. In fact, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has visited one of Hanglaatherium’s partner and founder Sunando Banerjee‘s residence to taste this delicacy.
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Biryani at Hanglaatherium

There are many varieties of the Biriyani available at Hanglaatherium. Along with the most popular Mutton or Chicken Biriyani, Hanglaatherium is also famous for its finger-licking Fish Biriyani. To Serve small families, Hanglaatherium has introduced Big Biryani. The other popular dishes that goes extremely well with Biryani are Chicken Pasanda, Mutton Hanglaabari, and Chicken Chaap.
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