Hanglaatherium Chicken Pasanda

Chicken Pasanda is a must-try dish at Hanglaatherium. It is a perfect accompaniment to Biryani or Naan. The recipe actually came from the household Hyderabad of Sindh (Pakistan). Pasanda is a mildly flavored and creamy dish that is prepared with shredded chicken.
The soft creaminess comes as a result of mixing Bengal grams with the chicken. After that, the mix is marinated with Indian Spices and slow-cooked with a tinge of Ghee and garnished with green chilies. What comes out is an aromatic and creamy preparation that almost melts in your mouth.

Origin of Pasanda

Pasanda or Pasinda is a popular meat dish that originated from the Indian subcontinent. Hanglaatherium prepares the chicken version of Pasanda which was primarily a beef dish. Chicken Pasanda is extremely popular in Northern Pakistan, however, our version of Pasanda came from Balti Pasanda which is again a North Pakistan Speciality.

Customer Feedback on Chicken Pasanda

From the introduction of this dish on our menu, Chicken Pasanda remained as one of the most ordered dishes. Our customers have called it light, delicious, and awesome. Notable food bloggers have praised the good quality of Chicken Pasanda at Hanglaatherium calling it a worthwhile dining experience.
Here is a blog from Indrajit Lahiri’s famous blog moha-mushkil. You may also find a lot of videos talking about Chicken Pasanda.

The dish is available on a la carte and in combo format.

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Pasanda Combo is now available in all outlets of Hanglaatherium,

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